Is CBD Oil Legal In Texas?

While CBD oil has increased in popularity around the country for its ability to treat a number of conditions, it is important to remember that it is not legal in every state. In fact, some states will charge you with pretty hefty fines if they catch you in possession of it. Unfortunately, Texas is one of the states that may charge you with a criminal offense for possessing this product.

The reason that it is illegal is that it does contain a tiny amount of THC, which is entirely illegal in the state. The amount of THC that it contains is not enough to lead to the user getting high, but it does come up as a positive result on a simple drug test. However, hemp derived CBD is legal in Texas as long as it does not have more than .03% THC.  Some people report that police have let them go, knowing that it is not able to cause any mental effects, but others have faced charges for possession.

There are many groups that are currently trying to push for an expansion of the legalization of such substances as well as marijuana. The state, however, is one of the most strict states in the countries when it comes to current legislation. Many people take the risk to benefit from the positive effects they experience when it comes to their health, but it is critical to know that it is not legal. Even if you do not live there, it is something to keep in mind if you ever travel to the area.

There is only one situation in which it is legal to possess CBD oil, and that is if you have obtained the proper documentation from the state. Those that have been diagnosed by a physician as having intractable epilepsy do have the ability to obtain a prescription for CBD oil. However, it must be obtained from a state-regulated facility with the proper documentation. There are no other conditions that have yet been approved to be treated with this option.

It is not unheard of for people to move to a state that is more friendly towards the use of CBD to treat anxiety, depression, seizures and a list of other conditions. If you feel that this medicine has made a large impact on improving your health and live in Texas, it may be something worth considering. Many people have faced serious repercussions hoping that they simply would not be caught. If you do continue to use CBD while living in the state, you will want to consider options that will reduce your risk, such as not driving with it in your vehicle or carrying it outside of your home.

Even though countless people swear by the positive effects of CBD and the fact that there aren’t a list of negative side effects, there are still many states in which it is illegal. It is important to be fully aware of what the laws are where you live and travel. Laws are changing every day, both making it more illegal or legal. Keeping informed is definitely in your best interest.

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