Pros of Medical Marijuana

Cannabis also commonly known as Marijuana is a psychoactive drug that is derived from the cannabis plant. Marijuana is used for both recreational and medical purposes. Marijuana is only legal in certain parts of the world such as  Australia, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Canada, Belgium, 31 states in USA just for medical use.

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the psychoactive chemical found in plants that is responsible for the effects caused by cannabis. Marijuana is commonly used for smoking, in food and even as an extract. Marijuana is healthy only when taken in small amounts for medical purposes. Marijuana has many health benefits such as ;


1)Prevents cancer from spreading-

Many studies have found that smoking marijuana helps in preventing nausea and vomiting that are at times caused by cancer chemotherapy. It is currently being researched if it can also prevent cancer cells from spreading.


2)  Helps to prevent neuropathic pain-

The vaporized form of marijuana helps to decrease the pain caused by nerve damage. This occurs when the nerves regularly send pain signals to the brain. Neuropathic pain is described as a burning, aching, stabbing or like an electric shock. Marijuana helps by reducing the pain receptors in the brain thus lessening the feeling of pain.



3)  Helps to cure Depression and anxiety-

Smoking of marijuana has been clinically proven that it cures depression and anxiety. Marijuana helps in decreasing the pain receptors in the brain thus releasing stress and anxiety in a person.


 4)  Helps prevent glaucoma-

  Glaucoma is one of the main reason for blindness in the world. It slowly destroys the cells in the eye’s retina and degrades the optic nerve. Many types of research show that smoking of marijuana decreases the pressure on the eye. A survey conducted in recent years shows that patients suffering from Glaucoma are the people who use marijuana the most.


5)  Reduces chronic pain-

Consumption of marijuana in both vapor and edible format helps is the reduction of chronic pain. Marijuana relaxes the muscle form a stiff and contracted position. It helps is loosening of the muscle tissue and also cause temporary numbness in the nerves carrying pain receptors.


Marijuana is one of the most prescribed drug in the United States of America. It helps in various medical conditions where regular medicines do not have much of an effect. Although marijuana is helpful under various medical conditions, it does not guarantee results. Marijuana must be taken only on the advice of a doctor and must be consumed only on the prescribed ratio.  Marijuana is not entitled to be prescribed just after the age of eighteen or twenty-one, it can also be given in small quantities to children who suffer from regular seizures of all ages.

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